User Safety

On registration drivers provide:

1. Profile photo.
2. Car's photo with plates visible.
3. Identification Document (ex. passport).
4. Driving license.
5. Car registration.
6. Criminal record.
7. Proof of residence.

Passengers, who are in an unsafe neighborhood, or worry about their safety, after the request for a ride is made, must:

1.Call the driver and make sure that he answers the call on the phone specified in the profile. This way you also will have the driver's phone after the ride is finished.


2. Take a screenshot of the screen where they can see the car's information: plates and color.

At the pickup:

1. Check the car's plates and compare them with those indicated in the app.
2. Compare the profile photo with the driver's face.
3. Ask driver to show a copy of his identification document.

When registering, a user has two options:

1. Submit their profile photo and the photo of their ID.

2. Do not submit the said photos.

The first option is not recommended as the drivers might not trust the user, especially in a bad neighborhood,  and will not accept the request.

The second option is necessary for the safety of the driver.

Photos of the identification documents are stored on a separate computer disconnected from the internet, on a disk, so this information is safe and is not available for hackers.

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