Taxifan App for User

The app is in English and Spanish.



How it Works

1. The user searches for service needed.

2. Available vehicles appear on the map as red pins.

3. By clicking on the pin, the user can see the service fares.

4. By clicking on the fares, the user can see profile of the service (description of service and vehicle, ratings, number of seats, form of payment, and contact information).

5. To book the service user calls the phone number/Skype shown in the profile, or can do it via Taxifan app.

6. The user can track the vehicle towards the pickup location, and when it arrives, the app
notifies the user.

7. Payment is made by any methods specified in the driver's profile.

There are two Taxifan apps - one named Taxifan and is for User (download it at the bottom of this page) and the other named Taxifan Driver and is for service providers.

App Benefits

1. The app works in any country and city where there is Internet access.

2. Users can search and request the services at any distance from them.

3. User can see profile of the service, the year of the vehicle, the photo of the vehicle, contact information, before placing an order.


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