Regional Coordinators

1. USA (English and Russian).

Andrey Shein (singer and composer), Tampa, FL.


2. Mexico (Spanish).

Alex Martinez, Merida, Mexico.


To start working with Taxifan as a driver, you need to contact the Regional Coordinator in your region and inform them about your desire to work with Taxifan.

After that, you will need to email the photos of the documents listed below to the Application Administrator for verification.

Please email the following photos:

1. Profile photo (taken from your mobile phone).

2. Photo of the car with visible plates.

3. Identification document.

4. Driving license.

5. Car registration.

6. Criminal record.

7. Proof of residence.
After that, you will need to pay a one-time entry fee - $ 10 USD.
This is to verify your identity and to cover administrative expenses.