Order Taxi - Become a Driver

Taxifan is an app to request Uber like ridesharing trips (preferrably Linkendin users) and Taxi
Requirements for drivers:
1. Age - 21 and older.

2. Be a
LinkedIn user is preferred or a Taxicab driver.

3. Android Smartphone.

4. When registering in the application, you need to upload the following photos (or email them to taxifan.international@gmail.com):

   a) Profile photo without sunglasses.

   b) Driving license.

   c) Car Registration.

   d) Photo of the car.
   e) Criminal record
User Requirements:
1. Smartphone Android.

2. When registering in the application, you need to upload the following photos:

   a) Profile photo without sunglasses.
Taxifan is an independent company, and not associated with LinkedIn !!!
Taxifan Benefits:
1. The application works in any country, city, and village.
2. When searching, all cars appear within a radius of 3 km by default. By using the zoom you can reduce the map and search for cars at any distance from you.
3. Enhanced security for the user, since the drivers are registered on LinkedIn and submit their documents as shown above.
4. Fares for trips are set by the driver and the user can see them before requesting a ride.
5. User can select type of car (executive, luxury, family, and sports car), type of Taxi (like Uber, traditional, fixed routes), type of driver (for example, speaks Spanish, male, female), year of the car, see photo of the car, see the phone number of the driver and call him, before requesting a ride.
6. The possibility of making money with your own car.
7. You can combine your work with Taxifan with your work with Uber, Lift, etc.
8. You can install advertising (stickers) Taxifan on your car to attract customers.
9. Taxifan application is completely free for all drivers and users.
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