With Taxifan app, you can find any taxi driver  (Uber, Lift, etc.) and food deliveryman on the map.

You can see the profile of the driver and the car, for example, the description of the car: photo of the vehicle, make, model, year, number of seats, if there are leather seats, what type of music is installed, driver's contact information (phone number, Skype, email, website, etc.), other information about driver. All this information is absent in many taxi companies.

When the driver arrives at the pickup location, you can request their service using the app of the taxi you have requested (Uber, Lift, Cabify, Easy Taxi, etc.)

In case of requesting Taxifan driver, you can see the fare set by the driver per 1km (or 1 mile, depending on the country where you are), the Minimum Fare, the fare per 1 minute of ride (optional), the form of payment accepted by the driver (for example, cash, credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, etc.), and to see if the driver issues invoices or receipts.

In case you request Taxifan drivers, then Taxifan fares may be significantly lower than the fares of other Taxi companies, because drivers do not pay commissions.

Taxifan app works in any country, state and city where there is internet.

Video How Taxifan App Works

We will start our service on 10th of August

Do not forget to share this information with your friends, relatives, fellow drivers and clients.

Also, next time when you ride with Uber, Lift, or other driver, and you like them and their cars, tell them to register with Taxifan app, so you could easily find them for you future trips.

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