Taxifan Driver
(app for service providers)


For Medical Institutions


Any medical institution can use this app for their ambulances without any restrictions.


When the ambulance is ready to accept patients, the medical worker turns the app on and must not close the app's screen if he wants patients to be able to see the ambulance on the map in real time (as a red moving pin, if ambulance moves). In this operating mode, the screen never goes black and operates in energy saving mode, the screen glow is reduced.
If the medical worker closes the screen, the ambulance's position on the map (pin) will remain where the screen was closed and the pin will not move, even when the ambulance moves.


Customers will see the ambulance's location on the map as a fixed or moving pin. By clicking on the pin, customers can see your company profile and contact information.

They can request the ambulance by either calling the phone number specified in the profile, or via Taxifan app.


For Taxi

You set your own fares, payment method, and can change them at any time.
You can work with any brand and model of car, from sports cars to SUVs and minibuses, to taxicabs, and deliver food from restaurants.
Before requesting a ride, users can see photo of the car, driver's ratings, number of seats, driver’s contact information (cell phone, Skype, etc., and you have right to not show this), information about the car/service, date and city of registration.

Benefits for Driver:
1. The app works anywhere where there is Internet access.
3. Fares are set by the driver.
5. The ability to make money on your own car.
6. You can work with other apps.
7. You can install Taxifan advertising (stickers) and advertising of other companies on your car without any restrictions.
8. Drivers are not removed from the app for a poor rating.


Requirements for taxi drivers:

1. Age - 21 years and older.
2. Upload the following photos (or via e-mail to
a) Profile photo without sunglasses
b) Driver’s license.
c) Car registration.
d) Photo of the car.
e) Certificate of criminal record (for some drivers it may be optional)

f) Signed Demarcation Letter (shown below)


For Air Taxi


Pilot turns the app on, after which he must close the screen and never open it, so that the pin would not move while the pilot moves around the city about his business. From this moment on, customers can see the AC on the map as a fixed red pin. By clicking on the pin, customers can see your company/AC profile and contact information to book a flight. The customers will be able to contact you only by the phone you indicated in your profile. The app may be useful for connecting flights, crew transfers, and air ambulance.

For Claim Adjusters and Insurance Companies


When Claims Adjuster is avaiable he turns the app on. Fom this moment his clients can see his location on the map as a red pin. In case of an accident the clients will contact the Adjuster, and can track his location on the map towards the accident's site in real time.

If the insurance company allows, the Claims Adjuster can combine his work as the Adjuster with his work with Uber, Lift, and Taxifan, and register in Taxifan Driver app both as a Claims Adjuster, and as a None Traditional Taxi Driver.

Payment to Taxifan

Payment is carried out as a very low monthly payment. We offer free of charge trial period.

What Service Providers Should Do


All what you need to do is to have your workers, and taxi drivers (if you are a taxi company), registered in Taxifan Driver app, and place Taxifan App download button on your website, so that your customers could download Taxifan App to be able to see the position of your aircraft and vehicles on the map in real time.

Below is the link to Taxifan Driver app.


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