About the app

Attention !!! Taxifan app is for Android phones only !!!


Taxifan is a mobile application for searching and booking conventional taxi, none conventional taxi (like Uber, Lift), luxury cars, SUVs, vans, courier service, home delivery of foods/goods from restaurants, stores and supermarkets, etc. Please, see all categories/services here.


Taxifan app works in any part of the world where mobile phone coverage is available.

Requesting Taxi

Before requesting a ride, user can search for a taxi by categories (filters), can see drivers on the map and choose the nearest one, can see taxi/driver profile, for example: taxi company name, information about the driver/car/service, make and model of the vehicle, number of seats, driver ratings, and price.


The main differences of Taxifan app from other similar apps are that users themselves select taxi on the map by clicking on the pin with their finger and that they can see driver's/car/service profile before requesting a ride.


Taxifan allows only the best cars and best drivers to register in the app. Bad drivers and cars are eliminated from it.



Safety level is very high because of a very strict registration process. All drivers provide their identification documents, criminal record, car registration, and some other information that is necessary to maintain safety level high.


The default payment method is cash. Yet, some drivers can accept credit/debit cards in the car or on the taxi company's website. Users can search for a taxi by the method of payment.

For drivers

Drivers do not pay commissions and set their own prices in the app. For registration in the country of your current residence, please, feel free to contact us:


Low Cost Rides

Some drivers can offer low cost rides in some cities if they wish. Users only pay a tip that should not be less than 50% of the normal price specified in the taxi profile.

Requirements: user must be within 1 km (or mile) from the driver, ride must be no longer than 10 km and outside of the city, there must be only 1 passenger without luggage, ride must be only in one direction and without stops along the way.

Please, use "Low Cost Rides" filter to find low cost rides around you.


If you have any questions, business proposals, or complaints, please, feel free to contact us: 



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