Advantages for Drivers

1. Taxifan app works in any country, city and state.


2. The driver can choose whether to pay a small monthly fee for the use of the app, or for the trip made.
3. For a small monthly fee ($10 a month), you can make an unlimited number of trips of any distance.


4. In case of paying for each trip, the driver pays only $5 Mexican Pesos for each trip. This payment is made via PayPal in the Taxifan app in advance for 10 trips. The money only goes to cover the app hosting, maintenance, and advertising of your business.


5. The driver does not pay anything if the request is made outside the Taxifan app. For example, if the user needs Uber, Cabify, Didi, he contacts the driver via phone or Skype, and when he arrives the request is made by using the app of these taxi companies.

6. If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, or a driver of any other taxi company, users can request your service via Taxifan app.

7. Before making a request, users can see the name of taxi company, driver's profile - model, year, car make, number of seats, ratings, whether there are leather seats, kind of music, if driver is male or female, and any other information that the driver wants to put, including any the driver's contact information, which often times is not always available in some taxi companies.

8. Users can see the location of the drivers on the map and choose the driver by clicking on the red pin, see the profile, and contact the driver by phone, Skype, email, or via Taxifan app.

9. Freelance drivers set their own fares per 1 km (1 mile), the minimum fare, and the fare per 1 minute of ride, and change them depending of the neighborhood, traffic conditions, and time.

10. Drivers can reject requests without restrictions.

11. Drivers can cancel requests without restrictions. For example, a passenger is drunk, and even when the passenger is already in the car.

12. Driver can drive a car of any year, model and make, SUV, sport. car, or a motorcycle for food delivery.

13. Driver, if he wants, can hide his real position on the map - this means that he can show his not exact position on the map.

14. Freelance driver can place advertising on the car. This can be done both by the driver himself and by his relatives - wife, husband, children, etc. - if they own their own cars. Thus, they can increase the number of requests for their loved one.

12. Taxifan app can be used by taxi drivers.

15. Freelance drivers can accept payment in any currency and any permitted cryptocurrency.
16. Drivers can accept payments in cash, credit cards, transfers (eg PayPal).

17. When a request comes in and the phone rings for 30 seconds, drivers can see from where exactly the user is making the request in the form of a blue dot, and can take a screenshot and save it just in case.

18. The app allows drivers to keep their fares quite cheap and attractive for users and at the same time not very low. Drivers who set the fare lower than the one established in their city are removed from the app forever.



How to Become Taxifan Freelance Driver (at the time of Covid-19)


1. Fill out and submit the form on the main page and our agent will contact you.
2. Download the app from Google Play and sign up (see instructions below).


3. Pay a one-time registration fee - $ 20 USD (see instructions below). Optional in some countries.

4. Learn how to use the app, follow the rules (see instructions below), and work any time you like.