About Taxifan

Taxifan is an advertising app for freelance drivers who can work for any taxi company and deliver food from restaurants.


The app was created by the freelance drivers themselves.
Advertising of each driver is provided by showing the driver's location on the Google map, showing the car information and driver's profile, description of his service, contact information, and the name of the taxi company.


All drivers pay a small monthly quota to advertise and maintain the app.


Taxifan has no staff, there are a few volunteers who provide advertising and maintenance of the app, and pay taxes for their activities.

To ensure safety there are basic requirements for verifying the identity of the driver and the vehicle. They consist in the provision of the following photographs by the drivers:

1. Driver's profile photo.
2. The photo of the car with visible plates.
3. Proof of residence.
4. Identification document.
5. Driving license.
6. Car registration.
7. Criminal record.
Each driver pays a one-time entry fee and a regular monthly quota which additionally confirms the identity of the driver.