Dmitry Bonch is an Aviation Engineer, who refuted (debunked) Einstein's theory of special relativity in January 2020. Now we can say that Einstein's special relativity is wrong and there is no Relativistic Time Dilation.

Dmitry Bonch created his own theory that he calls the Theory of Absolutness or Theory of Irrelativity in which he finds errors in the theory of special relativity.

You can watch his videos in which he debunks Einstein's theory of special relativity and explains how the theory of absoluteness works in English, Spanish and Russian.


You can watch the videos on Youtube - channel name: Dmitry Bonch


Dmitry Bonch is also one the co-founders of Power of Wisdom movement and an inventor of the None-profit Resource Based Economy (NRBE), that replaces Capitalism and Socialism, and which is the corner-stone of the Power of Wisdom movement. More information about the movement, NRBE, and their platform you can find here:




Russian here:

Einstein's Theory of Relativity refuted in 2020

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